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Introducing Possessed Wine

 Possessed Wine is a line of select, small production crafted wines, using dedicated biodynamic methods in wine production The Willamette Valley is nature’s masterpiece, creating the ideal location for cool-climate viticulture. Its deep soils, rolling hills, annual rainfall, diurnal temperatures, and long summer daylight coalesce to produce world class wines.

Our goal is to showcase the best of what Oregon has to offer in biodynamic grapes and wines! 

 What’s in a Name?

The name Possessed Wine was chosen because of the magic of sustainable winemaking.  Each wine goes through its own unique process from field to bottle, based on vineyard and weather conditions, grape type, fermentation temperatures, yeast and enzyme types, and choice of clean materials which mature the wine. Wines are never forced thus they possess their own unique balance, beauty and character or expression. Each barrel, each vintage, each grape varietal will be unique and appreciated for its own magic. Wine is food for the mind, body, and soulWe hope Possessed Wine will resonate with you!

Our Possessed label was chosen because of the natural beauty depicted in Patrice Federspiel’s artwork, and the connection between plant and person. For more information on the artist, visit www.artofaloha.com.

Available Wines

2017 Possessed Godess Pinot Gris 

Super bright and fruit driven wine, crafted with high elevation Willamette Valley grapes. Its vibrant fruit and long finish are the result of both stainless-steel and Oregon Oak barreling.. This cellaring technique aims to preserve both the fresh fruit flavors noteworthy of Pinot Gris and balance its crispness with the lush viscosity of perfectly oak-aged wine.

Scents of peach, lemon and pear in the glass, attack of white peach, pear and vanilla with each sip, and long floral crème Brulé’ finish.

Delicious and ready for picnics, BBQs, or a lovely stand-alone happy hour sip!

97% Pinot Gris, 3% Viognier produced with full biodynamic methods

400 cases produced, zero residual sugar, 13.1% ABV

NV Possessed Godess Pinot Rosé

An Orange wine from 100% Pinot Gris, this is a super fruity wine made with high elevation Willamette Valley grapes. Its vibrant fruit and long finish are the result of both stainless-steel aging and Oregon oak barreling. This cellaring technique aims to preserve the fresh fruit flavors noteworthy of Pinot Gris and balances its crispness with the lush viscosity of beautiful oak aging.

Scents of white peach, pear, and orchard fruit buds in the glass, rose fragrances and the ocean with each sip, and a long tangerine vanilla tart finish.

Delicious and ready for picnics, BBQs, or a lovely stand-alone happy hour sip! 100% Pinot Gris

140 cases produced, zero residual sugar, 13.2% ABV

NV Pinot Rosé Somm Select

Exceptional balance and brilliant Pinot Noir fruit expression make this a totally unique wine. It is produced from high elevation Willamette Valley Pinot Noir grapes and cellared with Oregon oak barreling under biodynamic practices. This rich wine is a joy to drink and ideal for most any food event! It possesses solid acidity and a brilliant structure. Scents of freshly baked cherry pie in the glass, hearty tastes of rose petal, rhubarb, and vanilla on the palate, with a lingering finish of red apple and lemon meringue.

Spend some time between sips! The deeper color is a result of 48 hour Pinot Noir skin contact during fermentation. The wine is beautifully presented and packaged with stunning glass capsules and a unique glass bottle. Watch the ‘Pinot Godess’ rise.

Unfiltered 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay, 1% residual sugar. 13.9% ABV

100 cases produced

2014 Miracle Red – Eola-Amity AVA

This wine is one-of-a-kind! Crafted with a Miracle, whole cluster field blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Tempranillo, and Viognier from the Eola-Amity AVA. The grapes were co-fermented and cellared using Oregon Oak and biodynamic methods. This hearty wine evokes the Godess in you! Miracle Red was aged for 24 months in Oregon oak and rested an additional eight years in bottle. It is impeccablystructured throughout the flavor profile. It is simply THE BEST example of a true cool-climate red wine blend that I have experienced in the Willamette Valley.

Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, Tempranillo, and Viognier, 13.5% ABV

50 cases produced

2016 Syrah, Cool-Climate Crafted – Eola-Amity AVA

This cool-climate Syrah displays the beauty of grapes hand-selected from the Chemeketa Wine Studies vineyard within the cool and temperate Eola-Amity AVA. This complex and beautifully balanced wine was produced with biodynamic methods and Oregon oak barreling for 26 months. It is a spectacular and surprising wine in our lineup and will age beautifully. You are greeted with the aroma of forest floor and tropical fruit spice, followed by assertive, rich dark fruit which lingers on the palate. The long finish has beautiful spicy notes wrapped in vanilla meats.

The Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Michael Alberty states: “Elegant, balanced, smooth-textured Syrah with aromas and flavors of black cap raspberries, violets, blood orange citrus and a touch of dark chocolate
and a bit of vanilla.”

Syrah, 12.3% ABV

2017 Pinot Noir – Oregon Oak Reserve – Eola-Amity AVA

This bold Willamette Valley 100% Pinot Noir is densely structured and possesses red cherry oak tannins which baked it with bright red cherry fruit bombs. This wine could be served with fresh raspberries, or it can be a cigar’s best friend!

The wine possesses a classic Willamette Valley Pinot Noir aroma in the glass, then the sensual hit is comprised of red, and pie cherries accentuated with red huckleberries, bright cedar, red guava, with cherry toffee and dark roasted cacao on the palate. It finishes with a hauntingly long roasted vanilla red currant tart. This wine will show beautifully now with a double aeration, but it was designed to age.

2017 was, I believe a “hidden vintage” – really extra-ordinary fruit, but needing lots of time to ‘show’; thus, I used a long cold soak with native yeast in a 100% whole cluster Pinot Noir fermentation. I then used new oak barrels to age, which beautifully finished this intense wine.

Pinot Noir

To Be Released


2015 Pinot Noir, 54 Months in French Oak – Willamette Valley AVA

This wine has the perfect combination of thrilling acidity, rich texture, and complex fruit with the impeccable balance of a fully-aged Pinot Noir – but it’s just a baby Pinot! The wine possesses freshness, brightness, and poise with tastes of crushed rose petal, red currant, and rhubarb. Mid-body displays mouth saturating mineral and savory characteristics, and the finish is long and tangy with haunting vanilla-caramel meringue. We love this wine – fun!

The Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Michael Alberty states: “This delightfully mature Pinot Noir tastes like a
red raspberry tart crossed with vanilla crème brulèe.”

Pinot Noir – Eola-Amity AVA, 13.5% ABV

2018 Gamay Noir – Eola-Amity AVA

This wine was so fun to make! I hand squished the grapes and used small oak barrels for initial and secondary fermentation (18 months). These wine-making techniques and biodynamic methods created a wine with densely structured soft tannins.

This wine impresses with the initial hit and never backs off! With classic Gamay Noir aromas, it takes a sharp turn in profile with its mouth responses of chocolate, fig, bright plum, violets, truffles, cedar, and savory game meat, set in smoky vanilla-caramel. It possesses a hauntingly long, smooth, Oregon oak finish.

Gamay Noir, 12.5% ABV

“Madeira Style” Pinot Noir – 2002 Extra Reserve – Willamette Valley AVA

My desire to produce a Madeira began in 2002 during Oregon Pinot Camp. We desired local fresh
Oregon fruits with desserts, and a Madeira seemed consistently to be the best choice. Long dedicated barrel aging transformed beautiful Pinot Noir fruit into a truly delicious and fun Madeira-style wine. Now, 22 years later, it is ready to be released as the first Extra Reserve Madeira Style Pinot Noir in the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere to my knowledge). Brandy-fortified Madeira wine-making techniques using Pinot
Noir fruit resulted in notes of salty/nutty caramel graced with wildflowers, but it is in its own unique
Willamette Valley world with the sweet fruit of Pinot Noir. Present with dessert or on its own. Cheers!

500ml Tortuga bottles. Don’t forget – a Madeira-style wine lasts a long time after opening, so sip away!

Pinot Noir 18.5% ABV (fortified with brandy)